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What is the role of the support person during delivery?

The Role of a Support Person During Delivery

A support person plays an important role during childbirth. They provide physical and emotional support for pregnant mothers throughout labor and delivery.

Physical Support

A support person is there to assist with physical needs. They can help with physical movements that can aid in labor such as standing, walking, or massage. They are also there to provide physical comfort through the use of pillows, warm baths, and heat packs.

Emotional Support

A support person can provide emotional support to the mother before, during and after labor. They can be an important source of reassurance and encouragement as the baby is being born. They can lend a hand in helping the father or another family member to stay positive and focused. In addition, they can provide much needed distraction and humour during times of uncertainty and stress.


Support persons can provide a sense of companionship during labor. They can help guide the mother through the process more easily by providing attentive listening and positively responding to her requests. This can be especially helpful if her partner or family member is unable to be present during delivery.


Support persons can also serve as an advocate for the mother. They can ensure that the mother’s wishes are communicated to the medical team. In addition, they can help to navigate any unexpected scenarios that may arise throughout the birthing process.


A support person is a valuable asset during delivery. They provide physical comfort, emotional support and companionship and also act as an advocate for the mother. In many cases, having a support person present during delivery can make a huge difference and help to increase the likelihood of a smooth and successful labor and delivery.

Important points:

  • Provide physical comfort and assistance during labor
  • Offer reassurance and encouragement
  • Serve as a source of companionship
  • Act as an advocate for the mother

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