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What is the role of the doula in postpartum care?

Doula and Postpartum Care

Having a doula present in the postpartum period can be a fantastic way to welcome a new parent into the experience of raising a newborn. A doula is a trained, experienced professional who provides continuous support, care, and education to a new parent and their family during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

What Does a Doula Do?

A doula is an expert on pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the postpartum period. They can provide physical, emotional and educational support to a mother and her family through pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period.

Role of the Doula in Postpartum Care

After the birth of a baby, the doula’s role shifts to providing support and care in the postpartum period. This support might include any of the following:

  • Providing emotional support: Doulas can provide support through their calming presence and ability to listen. They can answer questions and provide reassurance to the new parents.
  • Supporting baby’s first weeks: Doulas can provide knowledge and the support a family needs during the first few weeks of baby’s life. From helping to position the baby for breastfeeding to offering newborn care tips, the doula can help make sure the newborn is healthy and supported.
  • Providing guidance on newborn care: Doulas can help families understand the routine of newborn care, such as diaper changing and bathing, as well as provide information on topics such as cord-care and jaundice.
  • Offering breastfeeding support: Doulas can serve as a valuable source of information and support for breastfeeding mothers. The knowledge and experience of the doula can be an invaluable asset for new parents.
  • Giving advice on diet and nutrition: Doulas help new parents to make informed decisions about nutrition for themselves and their new baby. This includes advice on diet, vitamins, and nutritional supplements.

The postpartum doula offers physical and emotional support during this time of transition. Having the presence of a doula can help ease new parents into the journey of parenthood.

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