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Understanding your baby’s language and communication skills

Understanding Your Baby’s Language and Communication Skills

Babies start communicating long before they can actually talk – their language and communication skills begin to develop almost immediately after they are born. It is an exciting time for new parents when they start to see their baby’s personality come alive!

the Early Stages

At the early stages, babies will express themselves in several ways:

  • Vocalizations: Babies will coo, gurgle, and babble as they learn to use their vocal chords and learn about the environment that they are living in.
  • Facial expressions: Babies will often express themselves with a certain facial expression, such as smiling, frowning, etc.
  • Body Language: Babies will use their body language to communicate, such as waving their arms, kicking their legs, or reaching out for something.

Learning How to Communicate

As babies grow, they learn to understand communication more and more. Parents can help their baby develop their language and communication skills by engaging in activities together, such as:

  • Reading: Reading to your baby encourages them to learn new words and helps to connect their developing language with their emotions.
  • Talking: Talking to your baby in a soothing, consistent tone will help them understand more and more words each day.
  • Singing: Singing songs is a great way to teach babies new words and help them understand the order and rhythm of language.

Encouraging Communication

Babies learn to communicate with the people they see and interact with the most. It is important to encourage your baby’s language and communication skills by responding to their vocalizations, facial expressions and gestures. For example, if your baby reaches for something, you can say the word for what they are reaching for and show them.

It can also be helpful to respond to the emotions behind the communication – if your baby is fussing, you can encourage them to express their feelings by verbally reflecting their emotions.


Understanding your baby’s language and communication skills is an important part of parenting. By engaging in activities and responding to your baby’s expressions and gestures, you can help them develop their language and communication skills.

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