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The truth about baby sunscreens and their safety

The Truth About Baby Sunscreens and Their Safety

We hear about the dangers of too much exposure to the sun, especially for children. Yet, taken in moderation, the sun can produce amazing benefits for babies, like skin that’s naturally glowing and healthy. For that reason, protective measures need to be taken in order to ensure that babies have safe access to the sun. So, what’s the truth about baby sunscreens and their safety?

What You Need To Know About Baby Sunscreens

Baby sunscreens are specially formulated to be safe for sensitive skins. However, before making the decision to use sunscreens on your baby, you’ll need to make sure it’s safe by doing some research. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Choose the right type of sunscreen. Make sure that you are buying a sunscreen that is specifically made for babies that is mild and non-irritating. Many sunscreens for adults contain ingredients that may be too harsh for delicate baby skin.
  • Pay attention to SPF ratings. For babies, it is recommended to buy a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Sunscreens with greater than 50 SPF may not be necessary and may actually cost more.
  • Make sure the sunscreen is water-resistant. Babies spend a lot of time in the water playing, so it’s important to choose a sunscreen that is water-resistant so that it won’t wash away too quickly.

Tips To Make Sure Baby Sunscreens Are Safe

To ensure that your baby is using a safe and effective sunscreen, here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Check the expiration date. Sunscreens will expire, so make sure to check the expiration date on the bottle, and discard any sunscreen that is past its expiration date.
  • Pay attention to the ingredients. When buying sunscreen for your baby, be sure to read the ingredients list and make sure there are no harsh chemicals or fragrances that could cause an allergic reaction.
  • Don’t stay in the sun too long. While sunscreen is an important protective measure, it is still vital that children are not exposed to too much sun. Make sure to limit outdoor activities to early morning and late afternoon when the sun is not at its strongest.


When it comes to protecting your baby from the sun, the proper use of sunscreen is a great help. By following the tips in this article, you can make sure your baby is properly protected and safe in the sun.

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