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“The Power of Encouragement in Parenting”

The Power of Encouragement in Parenting

As parents, we can have a huge effect on our children’s lives by encouraging them to do their best. Every day there are countless opportunities to encourage our kids to reach their full potential. Here are some of the key ways that we can use encouragement to create a positive environment for our children:

Model Positive Behaviour

We can demonstrate the way we wish our children would behave and the results this has on us, our children and those around us. Whether we are using words or actions, modelling the behaviour we want from our children sends a powerful message.

Verbal Encouragement

It is important for our children to hear what we think about them, not just feel it. We can use encouraging words to communicate that we value their effort. As our children grow up and learn more difficult tasks, occasionally they need a cheerleader on their side.

Provide Support

Our children may come to us asking for help in understanding a difficult concept or task. Providing support rather than doing the task for them can give them the confidence they need to keep trying even if it gets harder.

Praise Efforts

We all want our children to do their best. By praising the efforts they make and highlighting their successes, our children begin to believe they can achieve anything.

Encouragement is a powerful tool when used wisely by a parent. With thought and consistency it can influence a child’s development in a multitude of positive ways.

The Benefits of Encouragement Include:

  • Boosts Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Encourages Positive Behaviour & Habits
  • Helps a Child to Realize Their Potential
  • Provides Opportunities to Grow & Learn

At the end of the day, it is our job as parents to nurture and encourage our children to become their very best. Through positive thoughts and words, we can create a powerful environment that benefits our children.

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