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The importance of reading to children

The Importance of Reading to Children

Reading to children is an incredibly important and beneficial activity for their growth and development. Not only does it help improve their literacy, but also is tremendously beneficial to their emotional and mental development too. Here are some of the primary benefits of reading to children:

Improves Literacy

When children grow up in a home surrounded by books, stories and words, reading and loving books becomes second nature. Being read to on a regular basis, helps children to learn the alphabet, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Builds Creativity and Imagination

Books allow children to explore new things, new worlds and cultures different to their own. This can lead to an expansion of their imagination, creativity and empathy as they experience different lands, view points and stories. Stories also allow children to express themselves, use their imagination and develop creative thinking skills.

Builds Self-Esteem and Confidence

No child can learn if they don’t have the self-confidence to try new instructions. Reading to your child can show them that you believe in them, and also helps them gain confidence to help them tackle new situations, words and stories.


Reading together is also a great way for you and your child to spend quality time together. Not only does it give the opportunity to spend quality time together, but also allows both individuals to develop a strong and positive bond.

The Benefits for Education

Finally, the long-term academic and mental benefits of children reading to adults or adults reading to children are immense. Reading is more than just literacy; it also helps with critical thinking, comprehension, communication and problem-solving. Studies show that students who are read to have improved confidence in the classroom and improved academic performance.


In conclusion, reading to children is a powerful and valuable experience. Reading not only improves literacy, but also increases creativity, imagination and stimulates the child’s mental and emotional development. These are all key skills they will need to develop in order to grow into well-rounded, intelligent adults.

So take some time, read a book and see what stories your child can discover!

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