The importance of physical touch in attachment

The Importance of Physical Touch in Attachment

It is no secret that human beings are social creatures, and one of the key components of relationship building is attachment. Attachment is related to emotional closeness and the need for physical intimacy, and it is essential for the emotional and psychological development of our children and ourselves. One of the most important ways humans express attachment is through physical touch.

Why Physical Touch is Important for Attachment

Physical touch provides many benefits that contribute to healthy development, including:

  • Creating an Emotional Connection – Physical touch builds emotional closeness, which helps to foster an important connection between parents and children, as well as between partners. Touch is a language that allows us to communicate things that cannot be expressed through words, such as love, care, comfort and security.
  • Influencing Brain Development – Physical touch aids in the development of our brains, increases oxytocin levels, produces calming effects and reduces cortisol levels. As a result, physical touch can have a positive impact on our social and emotional development.
  • Promoting a Positive Self-Image – Physical touch is an essential part of social and emotional development, and it is especially important for children and teens. It can help to improve self-esteem and body-image, and also foster a sense of security and trust.
  • Improving Self Regulation Skills – Physical touch can help to regulate emotions and promote relaxation, which in turn can assist us in responding to stress in a healthy and effective way.


Physical touch is an essential part of attachment and relationship building, and has profound effects on the emotional and psychological development of humans. It is important to remember that physical touch should always be consensual, and understanding its potential benefits can help us to make better decisions and create healthier relationships.

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