The importance of early childhood education

The importance of early childhood education

Early childhood education has been proven time and time again to have positive effects on a child’s life journey. It helps to foster the development of important skills and behaviours, setting children on a path to success in future education, career, and social opportunities.

Benefits for children

Early childhood education sets children on the path to academic success. It helps them to develop the skills and knowledge they need to do well in primary school, and continue succeeding in their educational lives. Some of these skills include:

  • Language development –children learn to use their language skills to communicate and understand their world.
  • Social skills – early childhood education helps children learn to interact with others, respect other people and build relationships.
  • Problem-solving skills – learning to think independently, explore ideas, and make decisions are key components of problem solving, which are essential learning skills.
  • Cognitive skills – early childhood education develops cognitive skills such as memory, reasoning and the ability to pay attention.

Benefits for communities

Early childhood education benefits more than individuals. It can also have a positive impact on communities.

  • Improves overall educational attainment – investing in early childhood education has been proven to improve a child’s educational success leading to higher graduation rates and increased educational attainment for entire communities.
  • Improves economic opportunities – with better educational attainment comes improved economic opportunities resulting in higher rates of employment, more financial stability and access to better job opportunities.
  • Provides a sense of community – early education can foster connections and collaboration within a community, with teachers, parents and the wider community working together to ensure the best outcomes for children.


Early childhood education can provide a wide range of benefits to children, families and society as a whole. From improving language skills and developing problem-solving skills, to boosting educational attainment and economic opportunities, it is clear that investing in early childhood education is an investment for the future.

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