The impact of parenting style on child development

The Impact of Parenting Style on Child Development

Child development is a critical aspect of any society, and parenting style is widely regarded to have a prominent impact on a child’s growth. Studies have shown that the parenting style a child is exposed to can affect various aspects of their future including; academic success, physical health, and mental wellbeing.

Types of Parenting Styles

The American Psychological Association defines four primary parenting styles. These include:

  • Authoritarian parenting: High expectations with no flexibility
  • Permissive parenting: Low expectations with flexible rules
  • Uninvolved parenting: Little communication, contact, or responsiveness
  • Authoritative parenting: High expectations with rational explanation

Impact of Parenting Style on Child Development

Authroitarian parenting has been shown to lead to increased levels of aggression and low self-esteem. Studies have shown that children from authoritarian households often lack the ability to appropriately handle their emotions and are not typically equipped to face challenging situations that may surface in their lives, due to strict parenting.

Permissive parenting, on the other hand, is associated with greater levels of independence for children. However, these children may struggle with low self-control and a poor understanding of boundaries, and may often engage in unsafe behaviour.

Uninvolved parenting is a major risk factor for children. Studies have suggested that children raised in such households are prone to academic difficulties, mental health issues, and low self-esteem.

Authoritative parenting is considered to be the most effective method of raising children, as it has been shown to be associated with the healthiest results. Children raised with firm but reasonably flexible rules tend to become more successful in academics and develop better social skills than those raised with other parenting styles.


Overall, parenting style can have a significant impact on a child’s development throughout their life. Authoritarian and permissive parenting methods have been linked to negative outcomes, while authoritative parenting has been associated with the best results. Therefore, it is important for parents to strive to use the authoritative styling in order to give their children the best chance of success in life.

The impact of parenting style on child development should not be understated. It affects various components of their lives, and parents should choose the best parenting style for the health and development of their children.

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