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The benefits of tummy time for your baby’s physical development

The Benefits of Tummy Time for Your Baby’s Physical Development

Tummy time helps support your baby’s physical development. When their little bodies are left unrestricted, babies gain strength and coordination in their arms and legs as they learn to move and explore. Here are some other benefits that tummy time has to offer:

Improves Muscle Strength

Tummy time encourages babies to develop their upper body strength as they lift up their heads, chests, and arms. Prop up toys to help keep your baby engaged, allowing them to practice pushing up while they grasp and explore the object.

Encourages Movement

Laying on their tummy helps babies learn to roll and crawl. The more your baby practices these activities on their own, the better their coordination and gross motor skills will become.

Sensory Development

Tummy time allows babies to use a variety of senses as they practice body awareness by lifting their heads and engaging in tummy-down activities. This sensory exploration helps your baby with learning new skills and information.

Helps Reduce Flat Spots

Babies who are left in the same position without any movement can develop flat spots on their head. Spending time on their tummy will help reduce this misshapenness.

Overall Benefits of Tummy Time

Tummy time has many overall benefits in your baby’s physical development. With regular tummy time throughout the day, your little one will gain:

  • Strength in their arms and core
  • Improved coordination
  • Healthier development of their head, neck and shoulders
  • Better sensory exploration
  • Reduction of flat spots

When it comes to tummy time, it helps to make sure your baby is always supervised. Help them start out by giving them some gentle tummy rubs, then move on to tummy play. This will ensure your baby’s safety and encourage them to practice new movements and sensory activities.

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