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The art of burping a baby

The Art of Burping a Baby

Burping a baby is an important part of caring for a newborn. Burping helps a baby to get rid of gas bubbles that can be very uncomfortable during feedings. Learning this art can help make you a more confident parent and also help you to better understand your baby’s needs.

Steps for Burping a Baby

  • Lay the baby face up using your arm. Place the baby in an upright position lying down on your arm or your lap and then gently rub the baby’s back in a circular pattern.
  • Wait a few minutes and then tap the back. This will help the baby expel any gases they may have while they are burping.
  • Keep burping until the baby is relaxed. This may take several minutes. If the baby doesn’t seem relaxed after 5 minutes, you can give them a break and start again.
  • Change the baby’s position. If the baby doesn’t seem to be burping, you can try changing their position. This can help them to release the gases and start burping easier.

Tips for Burping a Baby

  • Use a soothing voice. Talking to the baby in a gentle, calming voice can help them to relax while they are burping.
  • Be patient. Burping can take some time and patience, so be prepared to spend a few minutes doing this task. Try to stay calm and be gentle with the baby.
  • Know when to stop. If the baby seems to be in too much discomfort or is crying, then it may be time to stop for a few moments to give the baby a break. Don’t force them to continue if they are uncomfortable.


Burping is an important part of caring for a newborn and can help to ease their discomfort during feedings. With a bit of patience and practice, soon you will become an expert at burping a baby.

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