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“Teaching Your Child to Share”

Teaching Your Child to Share

Teaching your child to share is an important aspect of raising them in a way that facilitates social skills and being a good friend. Sharing is caring, and when your child learns to share at a young age, it can make social situations much easier throughout their life. This article will show you a few tips to help your child learn how to share.

Be a Good Example

The best way to show your child the importance of sharing is to be a role model of generosity. Let them witness you donating, volunteering, or sharing your things with others. You can also give them tasks they can help you with, such as giving away old toys and clothes, or passing out food to the homeless.

Encourage Playdates

Playdates are a great way for children to learn social skills, including sharing. When you are hosting a playdate, be sure to provide enough toys for both children to play with, and keep an eye on the scene to be sure there is no fighting over toys. Also, you can suggest activities that involve sharing, like board games or building with Legos.

Foster Communication

Try to find out your child’s thoughts on sharing. Encourage them to talk about any anxiety or discomfort they might have about sharing their personal items. Ask them why they think sharing is important, and listen to their feedback. This will help them understand why it is important to share, and that you are listening to their feelings.

Consider Rewards

Sometimes rewards can be a very effective way to encourage sharing. If they do something that something demonstrates generosity and kindness, reward them with something like praise, a hug, or even a small treat. This will let them know that their behavior is appreciated.


Teaching your child to share can be a challenging task, yet it is an important one. Keeping these tips in mind will help make it a smoother process. Encourage your child to always act with kindness, and you will be sure to raise a generous child who knows the value of giving.

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