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“Teaching Your Child to Be Adaptable”

Teaching Your Child to Be Adaptable

Parents want their children to successfully cope with the ever-changing world that they are growing up in and learning how to adapt is an essential skill. Adaptability is about being able to adjust to new or changing situations in order to make a successful transition. Being able to problem-solve, think ahead, and think outside the box, can help a child to be more prepared for the daunting tasks and shifts of life. Here are a few tips to help you teach your child to be more adaptable.

1. Model Flexibility and Problem-Solving

It is important that you practice what you preach. Children tend to imitate what they witness, so it’s essential that they observe you being resilient and persistent when you face difficult situations. Show them how to adjust to changes and how to use constructive problem-solving and creativity to gain a successful end result.

2. Introduce New Experiences

Encourage your child to expand his/her horizons and introduce them to new ideas, philosophies, and concepts. She/he needs to be comfortable being around different cultures and people who may have different values and beliefs. Help them to understand and appreciate different sets of social norms, for example in different countries.

3. Encourage Problem-Solving and Creative Thinking

Help your child to come up with solutions rather than just providing it for him/her. Encourage them to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to tackle a problem. Teaching them how to analyze a situation while staying open to new ideas, will increase their ability to be more adaptive and flexible.

4. Set Reasonable Expectations

Make sure you are setting reasonable expectations for your child and their tasks. Don’t overload them with homework and assignments, as this will cause them to be rigid and unaccommodating in their approach. Let them know that it is okay to make mistakes and encourage them to learn from those mistakes.

5. Provide Support and Guidance

Be available to listen to your child and help guide them in the right direction when they are facing a challenging situation. Show them support and help them to develop their problem-solving skills in order for them to be able to make decisions on their own.


Teaching your child to be adaptable is a key element in helping them to deal with the ever-changing world. Let them know that it is okay to make mistakes and encourage them to analyze and search for creative solutions. It is also important to practice what you preach and set reasonable expectations, while providing support and guidance. With the help of these tips, your child will be well on his/her way to mastering the art of adaptability.

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