Supporting cognitive development in young children

Supporting Cognitive Development in Young Children

Cognitive development in young children is an essential part of shaping them into successful adults. Early foundational skills are important for a child’s success in school and as an adult. It is important for parents to be aware of how to support their child’s cognitive development to make sure they achieve a successful development.

Learning Through Play

One way to make sure your child is gaining the necessary cognitive development is through play. Allowing children to play and explore the world is a great way to promote cognitive development in the following domains:

  • Communication – Children can practice talking, expressing themselves, and experimenting with language.
  • Cognitive Skills– Through play, children can explore their thoughts and feelings, as well as practice problem-solving, reasoning and decision-making.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Playing can help children learn to interact with each other, take turns, share and be cooperative.
  • Physical Skills – Through play, children can practice gross and fine motor skills and explore the world around them.

Use Everyday Opportunities to Teach

It is important to use everyday opportunities to teach your children. Everyday activities are great ways to teach children skills such as problem solving, spatial and math skills. Children naturally learn through every day activities and observing the world around them. Parents can also take everyday tasks and turn them into learning opportunities. For example, when going grocery shopping, parents can help their children hone their math skills by helping them count how much items cost or even how many items they’ve selected to purchase.

Screen Time Restrictions

Screen time can be tempting for a child and it’s a great way to keep them entertained, however, it is important to monitor their use and educate them on using screens responsibly. It is important that children don’t have too much screen time as it can have a negative impact on their social and cognitive development.

Stimulate Your Child’s Curiosity

It is important to encourage and nurture your child’s natural curiosity. This will help them learn more about the world around them and stimulate their thinking skills. Parents can do this through activities such as asking questions, explaining how things work, playing games, and encouraging creativity.

Supporting your child’s cognitive development is an important part of preparing them for life, and parents have the power to help teach and nurture their child’s development. By using play, teaching using everyday opportunities, having screen time restrictions, and stimulating their curiosity, you are helping ensure that your child has the best opportunity for success.

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