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“Raising Respectful Children”

Raising Respectful Children

Every parent wants what is best for their children, and that includes teaching them to show respect to and treat others with kindness and manners. These qualities lead to a more pleasant experience not only for the child, but for those around them. Although raising a respectful child can be challenging, there are a few practices that can help guide your child toward a successful and healthy development.

Set a Positive Example

The best way to show your child how to behave appropriately is by setting a positive example. When your child sees you regularly using kind words, demonstrating polite manners and showing respect for those in authority, they will be more likely to mimic these behaviors. Even children as young as two years old can learn from watching and listening to their parents, so start as early as possible.

Teach Positive Communication

One often overlooked aspect of teaching respect is teaching the importance of communication in the right way. Show your children that it is OK to have disagreements or fight, but calmly expressing their thoughts, instead of yelling or shouting, is much more effective and respectful.

Discuss Respectful Actions

Explaining the reasons why we use certain phrases or why specific behaviors are or are not respectful is a great way to teach your children about respect. This also helps them to understand other people’s feelings and attitudes.

Praise Respectful Behavior

We all respond positively to praise, and this should be no different for your children. When they use respectful language or practice good manners, always give positive reinforcement to reinforce their good behavior. This will show them that their efforts are valued, and will encourage them to continue displaying respectful actions.

Encourage Self-Respect

Self-respect is likely the most important element of respect. Teach your children to take care of themselves, and value their own opinions, thoughts, and feelings in order to respect themselves and those around them.

Raising a respectful child is definitely a process that requires patience, practice and guidance. But, using these guidelines will help ensure that your child will exhibit positive behaviour and be a respectful and respectful person as they grow.

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