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“Raising a Healthy Eater”

Raising a Healthy Eater

As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our kids healthy habits for life. To ensure that our kids grow up as healthy eaters, there are a few key steps we can take:

1. Lead by Example

The most effective way to inspire healthy eating in your children is to encourage them by example. Eat a balanced diet yourself and display an enthusiasm for healthy foods. Show your kids that it’s fun to eat healthy too!

2. Shop Smart

Plan your grocery trips beforehand, including healthy snacks. Include staples, grains, fruits and vegetables that you can turn into healthy meals. Avoid pre-packaged items, rich in saturated fat, sugar and artificial ingredients.

3. Get Creative

Help your kids learn to like healthy foods by encouraging them to explore their flavors and textures. Get your kids involved in the kitchen, like allowing them to create nutritious meals and snacks.

4. Avoid Value Judgements

Be thoughtful and encouraging with words when helping your kids make healthy choices. Avoid placing value judgements or labeling foods as “good” or “bad”.

5. Allow Treats

It’s OK to indulge in a treat every once in a while. For example, something like dark chocolate can actually help promote heart health!


To conclude, parents have an important role to play in teaching their children about the importance of healthy eating. Keep in mind that habits are formed over time, so be patient and consistent in promoting healthy eating in your family.

  • Lead by example
  • Shop smart
  • Get creative
  • Avoid value judgements
  • Allow treats

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