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“Raising a Confident and Respectful Leader”

Raising a Confident and Respectful Leader

Raising children to be confident and respectful leaders doesn’t happen overnight – it takes commitment and hard work. But the positive impact that it can have on the life of a child is immense. There are several strategies parents can use to raise it’s children to become confident, respectful and ultimately successful leaders in life.

Encouragement and Respect

When children receive encouragement and feel valued by their parents, it helps them develop healthy self-esteem and a strong sense of self-confidence. Show your child that you have faith and belief in them, even if they make mistakes. Through verbal and non-verbal communication, consistently offer your child positive feedback and help them cultivate healthy self-esteem.

Do your best to establish a culture of respect in your household. Show your child that respect is reciprocal, and the importance of respecting others. This will help them become more considerate and kind towards other people, which are invaluable traits in a leader.

Lead by Example

Model the behavior that you want to see in your child. Show them what it means to be responsible, reliable and honest. When they observe your leadership style and heritage, your children will gain an understanding of how to act in any given situation.

Self-control is another leadership quality that children should understand. Explain the concept of self-control and provide positive guidance if they find it challenging to control their behavior. It’s important they learn to behave in a respectful way, even if they’re feeling frustrated or angry.

Teach Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is a skill that requires practice and isn’t always easy for children to master. Equip your child with the tools to manage their own behavior, help them make good decisions, and teach them how to stick to their commitments and goals. Show them the importance of following the rules and honor their need for autonomy.

Provide Opportunities to Lead

Encourage your child to develop leadership skills by providing opportunities for them practice and grow. Involve them in decision-making and problem-solving at home. Give them responsibilities, and allow them to practice delegating responsibilities to siblings. Make sure they’re playing a role in their own development.

In addition, you could search for opportunities outside of the home, such as youth groups, extracurricular activities, and leadership summer camps. These activities will give them a platform to explore and develop their leadership skills.


Raising confident, responsible and respectful leaders isn’t easy, but it’s one of the most rewarding parts of parenting. Start by valuing your child, set a good example, teach self-discipline, and provide opportunities for them to practice and develop leadership skills. With your help, your child will have the tools necessary to become a successful, confident, and respectful leader.

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