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Promoting physical development in young children

Promoting Physical Development in Young Children

It is important for parents and caregivers to nurture the physical health and development of young children. Keep in mind this doesn’t have to mean forcing them to exhaustion. Here are four ideas to promote motor and physical development in young children in a positive and fun way.

Ensure daily physical activity

Children tend to learn best through movement and exploration. Encourage running, hopping, jumping, and other safe playful movements as part of the daily routine. This can also help lead to good habits related to physical activity in later life.

Engage in outdoor activities

Getting outside is an essential part of promoting physical development in children. Time spent in nature can allow children to explore different and often novel physical challenges that can help their development. Taking them to a park or playground or going for a nature walk are all activities that can help.

Introduce variation in play

Variety is key when it comes to promoting physical development. Encourage children to explore different play activities involving physical activities, such as:

  • Obstacle courses
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Treasure hunts
  • Dancing
  • Yoga for kids
  • Tagging games

Encourage safe risk taking

It’s important to push children slightly outside of their comfort zone to help with physical and motor development. Encourage them to challenge themselves and embrace safe risk taking to help them build confidence and competence in their physical abilities. The goal isn’t to coat them in bubble wrap,but rather increasing their risk awareness and safety.

Encouraging physical development in young children can help set them up to have better posture, flexibility, coordination, and balance as they grow. Implement these tips and watch your child slowly blossom physically.

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