Pregnancy and Birth Plans: Creating Your Ideal Birth Experience

Pregnancy and Birth Plans: Creating Your Ideal Birth Experience

Your pregnancy and birth plan will play an important role in helping you to create the birth experience that you want. Whether it is your first, second, or third pregnancy, it is important to take the time to plan and prepare for your birth. After all, what you put into it will influence the delivery experience you have.


Begin by finding out everything you can about pregnancy and childbirth. Know your choices, and create a list of questions you may need to ask the doctor. Discuss your desires with the birthing team.

Gather Information

* Check with your healthcare provider to get the necessary information and guidance about birth.
* Talk to family and friends and get their opinion.
* Read books and articles on pregnancy, birth, and parenting.
* Search online for information about birth, including childbirth education classes and other birth-related resources.

Write Down Your Desires and Expectations

Begin writing down your desires and expectations for the birth experience. Consider the following questions:

* What type of birth do you want (e.g. natural, water, home)?
* Who do you want in the delivery room with you?
* What are your thoughts on medicines, procedures and interventions during labor?
* What type of pain management is desirable to you?
* Do you want skin-to-skin contact and immediate breastfeeding after birth?

Creating Your Birth Plan

Once you have answered the above questions and have gathered all the necessary information, it is time to create your birth plan. This plan should include information such as when to contact your health care provider, what will happen during labor, and when to go to the hospital or birthing center. Make sure to include your desired preferences, as well as any specific requests that you may have.

Share Your Birth Plan

Share your birth plan with your healthcare provider so that he/she has a clear understanding of your expectations. Keep in mind that your desires and expectations may change throughout your pregnancy, so make sure to communicate any changes with the healthcare team.

By planning ahead, you will be well-prepared for the big day. With dedication and commitment, you can create a beautiful and meaningful experience that you will cherish always.

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