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“Helping Your Child Learn to Manage Their Emotions”

Helping Your Child Learn to Manage their Emotions

As a parent you want your child to develop the ability to effectively manage their emotions; to understand when their feelings become overwhelming and have the skills to productively move forward. Teaching these skills to your child can help them to develop the necessary qualities for a successful life.

Tune Into Their Feelings

The first step to helping your child learn to manage their emotions is to tune into them—acknowledge and talk about their feelings to help them understand why they are feeling certain ways. Acknowledge their feelings and help the process of talking about them. Encourage them to talk about how the emotion feels and remind them that these feelings are okay and normal.

Allow Them to Vent

Part of successfully navigating and understanding emotions is taking the time to vent and work through them. To do this, create a safe environment where your child feels they can open up and fully express themselves. Provide phrases and strategies they can use to express their feelings such as drawing out their emotions or writing down things that make them feel better.

Encourage Mindful Thinking

Help your child develop their coping skills by teaching them mindful thinking. Use approaches such as deep breathing, positive self-talk, journal writing and using distraction to guide them. Help them identify their own thoughts and feelings and choose action that they feel comfortable with.

Teach That Emotions Can Change

Show your child that emotions can change. Difficult emotions do not often last forever, even when difficult moments themselves can linger. Give your child the sense of hope that their current emotion will pass and bring them comfort.

Provide Support and Stability

The most important ingredient to helping your child manage their emotions is providing them with a secure, loving and supportive environment. Be available for them to talk about their feelings and provide them with a sense understanding and validation. Offer encouragement and praise when they employ healthy methods for managing their emotions.

In Summary:

  • Tune Into Their Feelings
  • Allow Them to Vent
  • Encourage Mindful Thinking
  • Teach That Emotions Can Change
  • Provide Support and Stability

By following these five steps, you can help your child learn to manage their emotions and develop the skills necessary for a successful life.

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