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“Helping Your Child Develop Persistence”

Helping Your Child Develop Persistence

Persistence is a key skill for achieving success in life. As parents, we want to help our children learn how to confront obstacles and develop the drive to complete tasks efficiently. Here are some tips and strategies for helping your child foster an attitude of persistence:


One of the most important things we can do as parents to help our children develop persistence is to provide them with unwavering encouragement. A child needs to know that it’s okay to fail and that we are always there to help pick them up and keep them going.

Role Model

Be a role model for persistence in your own life. Show your children that you face difficult challenges and find ways to persist. Demonstrate how you try to solve problems, find solutions and continue with tenacity and positivity.


Set up a structured environment at home, with clear expectations and rewards for achieving goals. This helps to encourage your child to keep going despite obstacles they may face.

Break Down Difficult Tasks

When your child is dealing with a large and difficult task, help them break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. That way, the task seems less overwhelming, and the sense of accomplishment of each step can help motivate your child to keep going.

Stay Positive

Remind your child that working hard and persevering can lead to great results, and help them focus on the positive outcome of their efforts. Staying positive and celebrating small successes along the way can go a long way in helping your child develop persistence.

Provide Opportunities for Improvement

Create opportunities for your child to practice and improve their persistence, such as physical activities or board games. Find ways for them to challenge themselves and practice the skill of working hard and pushing through obstacles.

Help Overcome Fear of Failure

Fear of failure can be a major obstacle to developing persistence. Help your child understand that failure isn’t permanent, but can be used as an opportunity to learn and grow. Encourage them to take risks, try something new and pick themselves up after making mistakes.

These tips should help you to create an environment that encourages your child to be persistent and ultimately succeed in life. With your support, they can develop the skills they need to overcome obstacles and never give up.

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