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Helping your baby develop fine motor skills

Helping Your Baby Develop Fine Motor Skills


Fine motor skills involve the coordination of small muscles, usually in the hands and fingers, and can include activities such as picking up small objects, writing, cutting, manipulating objects, and typing on a keyboard. Currently, parents are encouraged to help their baby develop these skills from an early age. Here are some suggestions to help your baby develop fine motor skills.

Give Your Baby Opportunities

Be sure to give your baby plenty of opportunity to use their hands and practice fine motor skills. Here are some activities that you can do at home to encourage your baby to use their hands.

Exploring Objects

Provide your baby with a safe environment where they can explore different objects, such as blocks, stacking rings, toy cars, and building blocks. Let your baby move these objects around, stack them, and manipulate them in whichever way they wish.

Painting and Drawing

Let your baby practice their fine motor skills with paint or crayons. Make sure to provide paper and let them practice their newly acquired skills. This will increase their confidence and even teach them some basic art skills that can be later on used when they start school.

Playing with Sand and Water

Let your baby have some fun and use their hands to play with sand and water. They can scoop up the sand and water and move it around in ways that allow them to gain confidence and skills with their hands.


This is just a small sample of activities you can do at home to help your baby develop fine motor skills. It is important to provide your baby with plenty of opportunities to use their hands and practice these skills. Remember, play and exploration are the best ways to help your baby develop fine motor skills.

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