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Helping children develop problem-solving skills

Helping children develop problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are essential for children’s overall development. Having a good problem-solving skillset means being able to think about and weigh options, as well as having the courage to make a decision. There are a few ways parents and guardians can help their children to develop these skills.

Encourage open dialogue

The first step in helping children develop problem-solving is to create an open-dialogue between parent and child. At an early age, kids can be encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings on topics. Have conversations on a wide variety of topics to provide your child with exposure to different types of problems. This exposure can help in getting them used to problem solving and guide them in the right direction when they are faced with a problem.

Provide a safe environment

It is important to enable your child to feel safe to share their thoughts and ideas. A safe environment is essential for children to feel comfortable enough to take risks and explore different approaches to problem-solving. The confidence to express oneself without fear of judgment can lead to a more collaborative and productive environment for problem-solving.

Model positive problem-solving

It can be beneficial for children to see their parents problem-solve in positive ways. Show your child that it is possible to solve issues without resorting to any negative behaviors. Keep conversations amicable and polite in order to model the best behavior.

Play problem-solving games

Playing games that involve problem-solving is a great way to get children thinking and engaging their thought process. Try games such as logic puzzles, chess, and Sudoku to sharpen their minds and get them used to finding answers through logic.

Encourage creativity

Developing problem-solving skills requires creativity. Encourage your child to think outside the box and explore situations from different angles. Creativity can help your child come up with new and inventive ideas when faced with a problem.


The most important thing when it comes to helping your child develop problem-solving skills is to provide a supportive environment. Make sure your child feels safe to express themselves, and allow them to try different approaches in order to come up with the best possible solution. With a supportive environment and some guidance, your child can learn how to develop their problem-solving skills.

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