Helping children develop coping skills

Helping Children Develop Coping Skills

Cope: to deal with or manage a difficult or unpleasant situation

Help your children learn how to cope with difficult situations in life. Having the right skills will help them feel more confident in their abilities and be better prepared as they grow up. Here are some ways that parents can help their children develop their coping skills.

Encourage Problem-Solving

One of the most important skills for kids to have is the ability to think through a problem and come up with a solution. Encourage your child to work through a difficult situation themselves instead of handing them the answer.

  • Encourage asking questions during problem-solving
  • Allow them to try different ways of solving a problem.
  • Use real-life examples to guide them when working through a problem.

Teach Mastery

Having mastery of something helps build self-confidence and can equip children with the tools to take on new challenges. For children, this could mean mastering skills such as tying shoes, or learning to play an instrument.

  • Help them break down a task into smaller, achievable steps.
  • Provide guidance and support but allow them to take ownership of the task.
  • Celebrate successes and acknowledge their hard work.

Model Appropriate Emotions

Kids look to their parents and carers for guidance on how to express their emotions. Being mindful of your own coping strategies and displaying these to your children can help them learn how to take a more measured approach to situations.

  • Talk through situations that create anger or fear.
  • Acknowledge their emotions and remain calm in difficult moments.
  • Encourage breathing exercises and physical activities when overwhelmed.

Developing coping skills is an important part of growing up for children. It is up to parents and carers to help guide their children through emotions and difficult situations so that they are equipped with the necessary skills to cope when the time comes.

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