Encouraging children to be self-sufficient

Encouraging Children to be Self-sufficient

It’s essential to have an attitude that encourages children to be independent and self-sufficient. By fostering independence in children, we allow them to become adults that make their own decisions and understand how to take control of their lives.

Ways to Help Children be Independent

  • Encourage them to explore – Allow children to explore their environment and to play in a safe and secure way. Plan activities and discussions with them to promote exploration.
  • Develop Thinking Skills – Ask open-ended questions to help them develop their own tendencies and thought processes. Discourage them from relying on others for every decision and ask them to come up with solutions whenever possible.
  • Praise Accomplishments – Appreciate the good deeds your children do and acknowledge the good qualities they demonstrate.
  • Set Boundaries – Set appropriate standards for children and explain your expectations. Make sure they understand why you set these boundaries and help them understand the concept of discipline.
  • Give Responsibility – Assign them appropriate chores for the age and level of their understanding. As they become more capable, increase the degree of responsibility.
  • Teach Decision Making – When children reach an age where they can think and make decisions, allow them to do so. Don’t make decisions for them, but be there to assess whether it’s a good decision or not.

By making it a point to use these strategies at home, you can give your children an excellent foundation for self-sufficiency.

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