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Dealing with diaper rash

Dealing with Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a type of irritation on baby’s skin that is caused by the rubbing and chafing of a diaper, and can be a common problem for babies and young children. Here are some tips for dealing with diaper rash:

Keep Skin Dry and Clean

  • Change your baby’s diaper often, especially when it is wet or soiled
  • Let your baby’s skin dry for a few moments before putting a new diaper on
  • Keep a clean and dry area for diaper changes

Choose the Right Diaper

  • Choose diapers made with breathable fabric, like cotton
  • Try disposable diapers with absorbing gel or cloth diapers with a protective layer between the diaper and skin
  • Use diapers with a loose fit to give baby’s skin room to breathe and reduce irritation from rubbing

Care For Your Baby’s Skin

  • Cleanse the area with mild soap and water or a cleaning pad made for babies, but do not use wipes
  • Apply a thin layer of ointment or cream that is made for diaper rash after each diaper change
  • Let the area air-dry or pat it dry with a cloth after each diaper change and apply fresh ointment or cream as needed

Diaper rash can be painful and distressing for parents and children alike. The best way to treat it is to prevent it. Following these tips can help minimize the chances of your child getting diaper rash.

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