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Caring for a baby with thrush

Caring for a Baby with Thrush

Thrush is an infection in a baby’s mouth caused by a type of yeast. It is not dangerous, but it can be uncomfortable and cause babies to become fussy. Knowing how to care for a baby with thrush is important for keeping it at bay.

Signs of Thrush

Babies with thrush may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • White patches in the baby’s mouth or on tongue that don’t wipe away
  • Reddened gums or inside of the cheeks
  • Fussiness or difficulty feeding

If you suspect your baby might have thrush, contact your pediatrician.

Caring for a Baby with Thrush

  • Clean the Baby’s Mouth: Use a clean piece of gauze to gently wipe away the white patches in the mouth. Rinse the gauze in warm, saltwater and repeat until the patches are gone.
  • Keep Items Clean: Wash any pacifiers, bottles, or other items in the baby’s mouth. Soak the items in a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air-dry before using again.
  • Treat Thrush with Medication: Your doctor may prescribe or recommend a medication to help clear up the infection in the baby’s mouth. Follow the directions for giving the medication very carefully to ensure the best results.
  • Be Patient: Although thrush can be cleared up with medication, it may take a few weeks for the white patches to disappear entirely. Remind yourself to be patient and gentle with the baby as the thrush runs its course.

By following these steps, babies with thrush can soon be back to their normal selves again.

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