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Caring for a baby with sensitive skin

Caring for a Baby With Sensitive Skin

Having a baby with sensitive skin can be an anxiety-inducing experience for many parents. But, with the right knowledge and resources, you can effectively care for your baby and give your little one the best chance at comfort and healthy skin.

Steps for Caring for a Baby With Sensitive Skin

  • Choose Products Carefully: When selecting skincare products, look closely at labels and choose an appropriate formula for your baby’s needs. Generally, look for products that are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and mild. You may need to experiment with a few to find the right one for your baby.
  • Pat Dry: Instead of rubbing with a towel, pat your baby’s skin dry when you’re finished bathing them.
  • Relieve Irritated Skin: If your baby’s skin becomes irritated, there are many baby-safe products available to help soothe and moisturize the affected areas.
  • Watch the Weather: Extreme weather condition like cold and heat can aggravate a baby’s sensitive skin, depending on how severe the sensitivity is. Be sure to keep your baby covered if they are outside in the elements.

Common Symptoms of Sensitive Skin

  • Excessive dryness
  • Rashes or flaky, scaly patches on the skin
  • Red patches or a red rash
  • Skin irritation or itching
  • Burning or stinging feeling

If you notice your baby has some of these common symptoms of sensitive skin, talk to your doctor about the best course of treatment and skin care regimen for your baby. With the proper care and precautions, you can help keep your baby’s skin in the best condition.

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