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Caring for a baby with acid reflux

Caring for a Baby with Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a condition where stomach acid flows back up into the food pipe. It is common in babies and can be quite uncomfortable for them. Here are some tips for caring for a baby with acid reflux:


  • Feed your baby in an upright position.
  • Feed your baby more often, instead of feeding a larger amount at once.
  • Consider changing to a thicker formula.
  • Avoid giving your baby too many large meals.

Medications and Treatments

  • Check with your doctor to see if medications can help manage your baby’s symptoms.
  • Check with your doctor to see if regular dietary changes can help with your baby’s reflux.
  • Talk with your doctor before giving your baby antacids or over-the-counter medications.

Caring for Baby

  • Burp your baby often during feedings.
  • Avoid lying your baby down 30 minutes after eating.
  • Avoid tight clothing and swaddles that put pressure on your baby’s abdomen.
  • Give your baby more frequent, shorter naps throughout the day.

Caring for a baby with acid reflux can be challenging. Make sure you’re checking with your doctor and giving your baby the utmost care and attention. With the right preparation and knowledge, you can ensure your baby has the healthy and comfortable life you want for them.

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