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Building a strong and positive parent-child relationship

Building a Strong and Positive Parent-Child Relationship

Parents have one of the most important roles in a child’s life. It is essential that they build and maintain a strong and positive relationship if they are to have a lasting effect and provide their child with the best possible environment to develop, learn and grow in. While this can seem like an overwhelming task; by focusing on a few basic concepts and practices, parents can cultivate an enduring connection with their children.

Establish Meaningful Bonds

One of the greatest investments that parents can make in their child is to foster strong connections and secure bonds. These bonds are formed when a child feels secure and loved in their parents’ presence. Spend quality time together – participate in shared activities such as reading and playing or just sitting and talking. These moments help children feel connected and understood by their parents and will especially be important during their teen years to keep lines of communication open.

Provide Loving Support

As children grow and learn, they need caring guidance and assurance. When a child is facing a challenge, they need to feel safe to express themselves and talk with an understanding and compassionate parent. Learning to accept their emotions and enable them to make their own decisions is an important step in developing a strong parent-child bond.

Model Good Behavior

Children learn best by example, and parents’ actions have an immense impact on their child’s future. Modeling behavior in a positive and healthy way gives children the tools to develop their own abilities and make good decisions. Establishing healthy boundaries, understanding and respecting opinions, and exhibiting good moral character builds a child’s confidence and develops a sense of responsibility.

Celebrate Their Achievements

Children love when parents recognize their wins – no matter how small or big. Praise and celebrate their achievements and applaud their successes. Doing so helps children build their confidence, encourages them to do even better and reinforces that their parents are proud of their efforts and celebrate them!


These are just some of the ways to cultivate a strong and positive parent-child relationship. Every relationship is unique; but by following these practices, parents can ensure that their children develop and grow in a nurturing and secure environment.

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