10 Common Symptoms of Pregnancy

10 Common Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time for a woman and her family, but it can also come with many questions about what to expect. The following are the ten most common symptoms of pregnancy.

1. Missed Period

The most common symptom of pregnancy is a missed period. A missed period could indicate an elevated level of the pregnancy hormone, hCG, that would be confirmed through a pregnancy test.

2. Nausea and Vomiting

Unfortunately, this may be the most discussed symptom of pregnancy. Known as “morning sickness”, nausea and vomiting are caused by the increasing levels of hormones in your body, and can last all day.

3. Breast Changes

Throughout pregnancy and in preparation for breastfeeding, the breasts begin to prepare themselves. Tenderness, fullness, and increased size can all be experienced, along with darkened areas of skin around the nipples.

4. Increased Urination

As the fetus grows, so too does the amount of fluid in your urinary bladder, which causes more frequent trips to the bathroom.

5. Fatigue

This extreme tiredness is sometimes hard to explain, but is caused by both the hormonal and physical changes your body is going through. Take your time and rest!

6. Spotting

A small amount of spotting may occur when the embryo implants itself in the uterine wall.

7. Cravings

Pregnancy cravings are often experienced during pregnancy, although it is important to stay away from foods and drinks that could be harmful to you and your baby.

8. Mood Swings

The immense levels of hormones in your body during pregnancy can affect how you are feeling mentally as well as physically. Try to take a few moments every day to relax and think positively.

9. Weight Gain

Most women experience between 10-20 pounds of weight gain during pregnancy and this weight is made up of the baby, extra blood and fluid, and weight gained for energy.

10. Backaches

Lower back pain is common due to the changing centre of gravity as your baby begins to grow and your posture changes. Backaches can be minimized by
strengthening core muscles and exercising regularly.

If you experience any of these symptoms or some combination thereof, it is best to consult with your healthcare provider. Every pregnancy is different and it’s best to be informed and know what to expect so that you can make the best choices for you and your baby.

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